Facebook Only Instructions

Don’t have time to run a full Lemon-Aid Stand? No worries follow the instructions below for setting up a quick fundraiser.


1) Create Fundraiser on Facebook

2) Use the content below to complete the Fundraiser Form

What’s title of your fundraiser?
#Team[NAME]’s Virtual Lemon-Aid Stand for Breast Cancer

For Example: #TeamDaniel’s Virtual Lemon-Aid Stand for Breast Cancer

Why are you raising money?
Help me increase public awareness for the prevention, detection, treatment and advocacy for the patient of breast cancer with The Baldwin Fund by donating to my virtual Lemon-Aid Stand. Any donation made will be used to advance the mission to find a cure.

The Baldwin Fund is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to achieving prevention and through research finding a cure for breast cancer.

#TogetherWeWillFindACure #BaldwinLemon-AidStand

How much money do you want to raise?
Our recommended goal is $500. If we get 100 virtual Lemon-Aid Stands to each raise $500, it will cover one grant given to local breast cancer researchers.

When should your fundraiser end?
Our recommendation is that you start your fundraiser now and have it end within the next 30 days.

Pick a cover photo.
Right click and save the image below to use as your fundraiser’s cover photo. You can use the same photo as your personal profile cover photo too!

3) Once Your Fundraiser is Created, Share it with Your Network!

We recommend using the following hashtags in your posts

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